…and you will be my Queen and I will be your King…

destined to  believe that the castle is one and the same…

..like Ghosts we wander

..with sealed minds and cut open hearts…

we feel. we love. we hate. we rise and we ache…

lonely. oblivious. in the darkness…

ecstatic. oblivious. in the darkness…

When we realize that the story doesn’t matter,

the castles are made of air

and we are EACH OTHER…

The sky thunders glorious Magic,

the hearts bleed Heaven,

the lips taste Eternity,

and Spontaneity and Wonder penetrate



Expectations, demands, attempts to change others are all self destructive chimeras.

“Just a clarity of vision dispels all darkness out of which all the monsters are born.” Osho




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Cover: a couple in the crowd –  at Bhakti Fest at Joshua Tree. I see people’s worlds and theirs transformed me.


“Loving warmth is not only a poetic phenomenon. It is a reality of great importance.” Osho