Are you diluted? When you touch a flower…when you taste a lover, when you look at the sky…

Are you 100% present. Notice. Pay attention when you talk to a friend, to a child, when the food touches your tongue. When you look at every piece of furniture or clothing in your wardrobe.

Are you partitioned into 100 pieces and places.

We are meant to experience life with intensity. Not as dispersed anemic iterations of who we can be. Fully present. Fully EXPRESSED. Unrestricted.

Once you CHOOSE that. Once you step into that and commit to yourself, you will be seduced to a New Life!

Yes, you may loose the taste for certain foods, yes some people may fade without a trace...yes you may realize you are someone else….

but trust me ..

Your senses will be drowned in the intense ferocious excitement…and every second of your life will be soaked in such a delicious kick of Ecstasy, Intensity and Euphoria that your former pseudo existence as a Ghost will become a ridiculous reminder of the absurdity once called “You”!


Cover: Self Portrait



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