I sometimes wonder when did this jerk called External Validation appeared for the first time on the scene called My Life.

When were we told that we aren’t good enough or need to be better instead of how to be more heartly, excited and eager with everything that we do.

I remember when I was a child… All I cared about was to go out with my friends and have the crazies adventures! I wasn’t even subconsciously conscious about how I show up. What they think of me. If I am cool or not. It was me full of excitement, of joy and love ready to play. Eager to have an adventure! Never worried. My own hero!

Validation, Confirmation –  We are social species, I am sure it has it’s origin and purpose as a form of Feedback may be, but mostly it shifts our focus from the important and PARALYZES us. It robs us from our Spontaneity, the Ease and the Poise and the Boldness.

We look for external approval when the external is a mere reflection of our inner game.

“Everyone and everything that shows up in our life is a reflection of something that is happening inside of us.” – Alan Cohen

We want someone to UNDERSTAND US so we create our own exclusive limited CLUB and circle of friends that actually “GET US”! Well at least most of the time.

Shifting focus back to our own HAPPY, SPONTANEOUS, EXCITED State of Being and Living, having no expectations from others Attracts and Creates so much more. We go beyond.

Magical experiences and possibilities start showing up but most importantWE SHOW UP! Unrestricted, Free, Flirtatious with the mirror and the world and SO AMAZING JUST THE WAY WE ARE!

Stay wild, stay playful – always show up full of excitement, joy, love ready to play..Life!



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