Headshots pricing depends on the level of service. Just like any other service – Are you looking for $5 carwash or $50. It makes a difference.

I believe that having a portrait that represents you well has a value beyond the value that you will ever pay because it serves 2 ways:

  1. Having an elegant and beautiful portrait  of yourself makes you feel good. Your own self esteem is higher and as a result you create more in your life on personal and professional level.
  2. Your portrait represents you online 24/7. It works while you sleeping or enjoying a glass of wine.

Evelina is an experienced artist with Heart that before any technical skills has the ability to make her subjects feel comfortable and happy to be in front of her camera. As a results beautiful portraits emerge from the sessions. She takes her time to select the best images and add additional magic through high level elegant touch up to each portrait.

The fee is $150 for 30 min session few outfits and your best choice of 2 portraits from the private gallery.

Contact Evelina today HERE or call her at 949.903.5638