Glamour Boudoir Transformational Sessions

Glamour Boudoir Transformational Sessions

A few hours in a session with her did for me what hundreds of hours of positive affirmations, thousands of reassurances, and all the good thoughts I could muster never did … she helped me not just feel comfortable in my own body but truly love it. That is irreplaceable. I didn’t care if anyone else saw those photos, doing it for myself was more than reason enough. Laura

What to expect?


Most of ALL : We will laugh, have fancy drinks, eat chocolate, sway hips, play with fabrics and make art!
You will leave my lovely boutique studio feeling Confident, Sexy, Gorgeous and Ready to Fearlessly Flirt with Life!“


You do not need to be comfortable in front of a camera or loose weight to do this.

You don’t have to be photogenic. It is Evelina’s task to coach you, to teach you how to relax, and to bring out your most beautiful self. 

The whole purpose of these portraits is to show you the beautiful, magical You beyond size, age and shape.

This session includes:

– all the fun play time in the studio

– access to unlimited and fun supply of studio props

– fascinators, fabrics, hats etc…

– fancy drinks, appetizers

– private Gallery

– 35 incredible edited images

– slideshow with music and text {to inspire You and/or touch your Beloveds Heart in the most profound way

–   elegant crystal usb keychain

The Investment amount for the whole experience is $1200

Includes the studio time with the artist, the advanced editing, the props, unlimited outfits and changes, private on-line gallery, the high resolution files and the usb with the slideshow.

Elegant albums may be purchased at additional price.

Elegant Crystal USB stick – comes with each session

Elegant Crystal USB stick - comes with each session
There is an aching beauty inside all of us, trapped in the dark, begging to be set free. We have to fight every day to stay beautiful, or else the world will tear us down, lock us up. Our beauty will hide deeper and deeper in a dark space that light cannot reach unless we have the courage to rescue it and set it free and coat the entire universe with our MAGIC! Kirk Hensler


How about make up artist? – The studio does not offer for this session make up artist and with the level of editing it’s necessary. You may do your own make up the way you would do it when you go out for a date or hire a professional or talk to Evelina to hire an artist. The fee is 100$ and you pay directly to the make up artist 🙂

Do I need to loose weight? – ABSOLUTELY NOT! Your Joyous Ecstatic Beautiful Self{TM} is your natural state of Being and Evelina will prove exactly that.

Can I reschedule? – Yes! Just give Evelina a call!

Can I bring a friend, my mom, a girlfriend, boyfriend or my Beloved! – Yes! Either way – if you like them to be part of the portrait or not!

Be brave.

Without bravery, you will never know the world as richly as it wants to be known.

Without bravery, your life will remain small- far smaller than you probably wanted your life to be.


Elizabeth Gilbert

Size Matters

Since all books are square, your single design will fit any book size you order.

There’s the cuter-than-kittens Books, coming in at a purse-friendly 4x4. The 8x8s make for great parent books. The 10x10 is perfect for any occasion. If you want big impact, you go 12x12, with the 24x12″ prints that feature You – the art! spectacularly.

Book Options:


Cover Engraving


Every session has its own style, every Goddess has her favorite color, and every Book can be tailormade to fit. Mix and match the cover materials, color, page thickness, and paper finish to your delight. Each book is a unique, hand-crafted labor of love that will remind you of your beauty.

Sensual Artistic

Sensual Artistic


Artistcic Photographer Orange County Los Angeles


Creative-Photography-Orange-County-Photographer-Los-ANgeles (10) Creative-Photography-Orange-County-Photographer-Los-ANgeles (8) Creative-Photography-Orange-County-Photographer-Los-ANgeles (11)

Orange-Country-Glamour-Boudoir-Portrait-Photography-Evelina-Pentcheva-Photo2a Sensual-Boudoir-Best-Photographer-Orange-County

BlackandWhite-Evelina-Pentcheva-Photography  BlackandWhite-Evelina-Pentcheva-Photography-2 _DSC8988bw Vintage Boudoir Photography Vintage Boudoir Photography Creative-Photography-Orange-County-Photographer-Los-ANgeles (5) Art Photography Fire Woman ~ Welcome to my … Beauty Atelier! I am an artist with passion you can trust. I am mesmerized photographing children and I would love to photograph every woman and man who ever looked in the mirror and did not feel good enough about herself/himself! What has a heart and meaning for me is to change the way you see yourself, to help you celebrate your own beauty and your own special light. Ladies, I have mountains of props – elegant hats, fascinators, gloves, fabrics, lace, flowers and all kinds of little treasures to help us with the photo session. —————————————————————————- Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What is caught with the camera is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything… it’s a window to your past, to who you were, to how it was…it’s the immortal and —————————————————————————–

Boudoir Photo

Boudoir_Glamour Photography_5 Boudoir_Glamour Photography_HaveACigar

Artistcic Photographer Orange County Los Angeles
I turn the page of the day,
writing what I’m told
by the motion of your eyelashes.

I enter you,
the truthfulness of the dark.
I want proofs of darkness, want
to drink the black wine:
take my eyes and crush them.

A drop of night
on your breast’s tip:
mysteries of the carnation.

Closing my eyes
I open them inside your eyes.

Always awake
on its garnet bed:
your wet tongue.

There are fountains
in the garden of your veins.

With a mask of blood
I cross your thoughts blankly:
amnesia guides me
to the other side of life.

– Octavio Paz