The Chronic Gasp for Happiness

The Chronic Gasp for Happiness

True happiness

starts with You.

With the all consuming fire of the emotional honesty with yourself.

With the ability to burn the old bridges.

The definitions. The expectations. The black and whites.


To let go of the chimera and the need to be acknowledged or loved.


To know that your content integrity state lies in your harmonious resonance

with your Joy and your Devoted Move in the direction of your Dreams.

It’s beating in the depths

of your heart’s desire to erupt into a Wild and Fiery Expression of Your Divine Essence,

of the Magnificent Unique Magic Potion – called Inspiration. Beyond the Self.



Model: Anibal Diaz /

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What if I told you that unhappy doesn’t exist.

What if I told you that You are made of Joy.

That your Breath is Love,

and your Smile a Life Giving Force.

Can you let go

of the shame

the blame

the doubt.

The lack of

being Loved

or Cared for, because you see

it’s all between you and the Void

that you CREATED.

Can you slam that door of Sadness,

undress your Soul from

every Expectation.

Shed Presumptions..

Close your eyes and feel…trust…

..that we are born to sparkle,

to live in Softness and Swing in Happiness…




photo: Newport Coast, CA

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At the edge of the journey…

At the edge of the journey…

At the edge of the journey…

In the heart of infinity –

between my first and my last breath..

I mingled with darkness and was consumed by light..

I felt strong… I felt weak..

I crawled, I wept, I danced, I dreamed, I loved…

I challenged my fears,

I learned how to breath again and again.

I died many times..

I reclaimed new worlds,

I got lost in some old…


My true birth took place the day

I decomposed into space.

The day I was the ray of light,

the dancing fire,

the world of the tree,

the speed of the wind,

the first and the last breath of the moon


One with



photo: Newport Coast, CA

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Let Light kill Darkness

Let Light kill Darkness

Once in awhile…

A sad and lonely thief will sneak in and silently linger in the shadows of your light…

It will slip into the vibrant feelings of your dress..

and quickly jump right into the happiness of your shoes…


You smile. Okay! Stay light, because…

Right there…

at the very edge of your bewildered life spin…

where your heart is gray and breathless…

where your joy is thin and ghostly…

and your body shattered to pieces…


You Transcend and Realize….

that this too is an expression of LOVE..


The Thief’s Love!!!! – So big and devotional…

so charged with Desire to be You.

So much You that

to breathe with your lungs, see through your eyes and kiss with your lips…

is the only way Life can be felt…


You smile and gently –

Rejoice those vacant eyes,

Paint splash on that broken heart The Secret Window to Excitement.

Let Light kill Darkness.

Spill Kindness! Gratefulness! Delight!

You see there is nothing else – just Love and Light!



photo: me

statue: National Museum Venice Italy

bird: Newport Beach French Cafe


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Resist an emotion and you are suppressing your breath,

Resist a circumstance and you are suffocating your life,

Resist an awareness and you are cloaking your light,

Resist a person and you are compressing your heart!

Life is to be deeply and fully experienced as an energetic explosion of passion, excitement, a fragrance, a taste, an intensity of flavor.

What if every experience is contributing to your Ecstatic Infinite Expression?

What if ALL that there is, is simply the Echo and the Rhythm of the creation called  YOU!


“The illusion of control is a setup for depression. When we believe that we can and should be able to control our world and it turns out that we cannot (which is always the case), we experience failure, and this is depressing. We then try even harder to gain control and fail even more miserably.”
Anne Schaef “When Society Becomes an Addict”


photo: self portrait 2012


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Eternal freedom…

Eternal freedom…


in the midst of  your life’s storm,

in the midst of the ache and the fear, the desire and the passion ….

the shadow and the light,

along the shores of your soul,

deeply anchored and dormant

rests the potent nucleus of your Unique Essence...

The center of your spontaneity and wildness

the door to your eternal freedom

to your own EPIC-ness..

Step up, unleash and follow your resonance,

beyond doubt, beyond definition…

Become the knowing that…


and the only thing that will ever make you come ALIVE…


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photo compilation: self portrait and phone nature shot from Irvine Park, CA