Reborn, reawakened, reclaimed

Reborn, reawakened, reclaimed

When the intensity of your experience looses potency and rests calmly at your feet…

When the colors of your feelings are burned to ashes…

When you loose every sense of self…

When your flesh is made of soil…

When oceans run trough your veins…

and you can sense the tremor of the universe in your lungs…


That right there! In the silence of your breath, in the blissful numbness in the texture of your presence…

You are being reborn, reawakened and reclaimed..


photo compilation:

  • self portrait
  • woodpecker shot from Catalina
  • whale from Dana Point Harbor
  • sunset from Joshua Tree National Park
  • bird from Huntington Beach

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How many Faces, Masks,  Iterations and Alterations of Us we unconsciously nurture and allow to keep us in state of Deep Amnesia.

Not remembering who we are or how we are? Or why we are…

Unwinding every twisted, crippled and even just solid point of view that we have..

Noticing, inspecting, hunting every angle, every corner of our souls for cemented emotional deposits, releasing them like sad caged birds…

Becoming  nothing but breadth…

And light…

And sense..

Enticing only what shows up as Lightness from that Space…

Is just One Easy Way to Awake and Finally Live You!


photo: The one and only Anibal Diaz

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One heartbeat at a time…

One heartbeat at a time…

What it’s like to live in the future?

It’s like letting go of your life one heartbeat at a time.

It’s like a giant glitch in your love system.

It’s like a fracture of your greatness.

We adopted that idea of goal setting and achieving and future dreaming…

Sacrificing today for tomorrow…

Shifting our focus to the Now,

to every excitement of the Spirit…

and Asking if every Choice is creating a Magical Future…

is the most exuberant lavish way to live…



Elegant Creator

Elegant Creator

Our Power and our Potency lies in our capacity to overpower every thought, emotion or idea that suffocates our Joy!

Only from that space of Spontaneous Freedom we can be:

The Elegant Creator

The Aware Queen or King

The Cathartic Sparkle for Others

And the Harmonious Originator of NOW!!


cover photo: Bhakti Fest Joshua Tree – Goddess Session


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High on Life

High on Life

Who would You be if You were High on Life?

Savoring the taste of Eternal Freedom…

Indulging in every juicy excitement of Your Spirit…

Knowing that beyond the visible, the story, the earthly…

there is that place…. that True Home…

where you step into Your Daringness…

Your Brutal Honesty,

Your Divine Rhythm,

Your Own Permission,

and Your Magical Elegance!

Yes! You ARE BIGGER THAN LIFE my Friend!



photo: Return to FreedomWild Horese Habitat,  Lompoc California

Return to Freedom is dedicated to preserving the freedom, diversity, and habitat of America’s wild horses and burros through sanctuary, education, advocacy and conservation, while enriching the human spirit through direct experience with the natural world.

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Ecstatic Appreciation

Ecstatic Appreciation

There is a powerful understanding, beyond truth and belief,

beyond intellect or concepts.

It’s formless and it’s shapeless.

It’s infinite!

It’s You!

It’s the beam, the flare, the sound, the vibration …

…of You!

It’s the  Magnificent, the Absolute

The Singular Undefined State of  the Harmonious Ecstatic Expression!  Of YOU!

I adore and give thanks to every Being, to Every Experience, to Every Nuance of Living.

The joy and the pain are equally ecstatically contributing to that wondrous thing we call Life!

With All my Love to All of You!


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