“And in the end, we were all just humans.. drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.”

― Christopher Poindexter


How much Fear, Doubt, Insecurity…Contraction dismantles our  Life and makes us vanish and subside…
Powerless ridiculously Paralyzed, incapable of seeing the simple truth that We are the creators of our own Reality..
We zoom in on a subject, on an object or on someone and crippled, we look  for reassurance, consolation, for asylum, guarantee or emotional shelter.
The absurdity of this is so depressing, it robes us of those sensual almost hedonic and lustful and delightful seconds of joy, seconds in which we become an explosion of heavenly arousing exaltation, of out of body experiences of surrender and love…
We are not able to receive the very thing we are afraid of loosing.
Humanity I am begging you!
Do it for me and do it for you – unplug, discard, discontinue this cluster and pattern of sick brokenness, it’s not real, it’s too futile and foolish…
….it steals from us what is so natural  – the state of not feeling separate from anyone or anything because all that we feel, sense and give significance to it’s composed by our state of intelligence and what we perceive as truth.
Once we realize that by simply making an unselfish demand to live in joy, in freedom and in magic, the entire universe prioritizes to deliver  what’s beyond our capacity to describe as the highest level of bliss!

 Close your eyes. Infuse your whole world with light, lease and sensual delight. Do it in softness! You do not need to change anything or anyone! All you want –  You Have! All you dreamed of – You ARE. And Beyond!