How have you been….. dancing the dance called Your Life?!

Insecure, chocked, hesitant and shaky? Drenched in self-judgment? Burned out? With 3 hours ups and 3 days downs?

Dulled yet purposeful, enthusiastic, hard working and busy. Determined to finally “get it”, indulged in your own perpetual ambition – one more task to finish, one more class or brain to pick up and I will make it to the ultimate bliss kinda thinking?

What is missing in your life? Love? Money? People to finally get you? To appreciate and adore you?

What false reproduction of yourself are you creating and projecting to the world, just because you were tricked into believing that this personality character will attract all that you desire. When it’s just a mime changing roles. It’s not You. Because You ARE AMAZING!!!

Stripped out of any frame of mind, of all that you think you desire to be. With Bare SOUL and SKIN. That is the unveiled most magnificent in it’s vulnerability Self.

That Self! drunk in love and in it’s own confidence,  dancing with Opportunities, Flirting with Pain and choosing Life as a Lover.

Spontaneous and free!

Aligned. Made of wind and fire.

A New Life is born.

Do you still think you can’t dance?

“Go on your way, go on your way dancing. Remember only one thing: whatsoever feels good is good, whatsoever feels beautiful is beautiful, and whatsoever makes you joyful, gay, delighted, is truth. Let that be your only criterion. Don´t be bothered by others´ opinions. Let this be your only touchstone – whatsoever makes you happy is bound to be true. Ananda, bliss, is the only criterion of truth.

Osho, The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol. 2, Talk #10




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