“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” Rumi

In our relationships:

Beyond the banality of drama and trauma….

Beyond the games of blame, shame and guilt,  lies a Crystallized Version of You, a distinct pure center of Emotional Honesty.



Devoted to your pure Unrestricted Ecstatic Expression.

Why the struggle? Are we oddly confined to be honest with ourselves and the other because we think we are wrong, because we are afraid of being condemned?… of hurting someone else, is it because we feel insecure, misunderstood or we desire to control  and dominate for a false sense of security?

…or we want to be liked so much that we choose to cloak the most precious part of us: OUR REALNESS.

At the end it’s a matter of CHOICE.

Detached from our own saturated with vibrancy Spirit should WE CHOOSE to spend our lives deprived of the very same thing we are seeking throughout our entire life –  limitless wonder, appreciation, affection and love!

Yet we live in delusion!





models: Anibal Diaz and Juneth Lopez


Shot taken in Dominican Republic

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