Glamour Boudoir Sensual

There is a Seductress and Enchantress hiding in each one of us!

Ready to own her POTENCY and Set The World on Fire!


 Let me show you Your Most Beautiful Self!

We will laugh, have fancy drinks, eat chocolate, sway hips, play with fabrics and make art!


You will leave my lovely boutique studio feeling Confident, Sexy, Gorgeous and

Ready to Fearlessly Flirt with Life!


ATTENTION: You do not need to be comfortable in front of a camera or loose weight to do this. You don’t have to be photogenic. It is Evelina’s task to style you, guide you, teach you how to relax, and to bring out your most beautiful self. The whole purpose of these portraits is to show you the beautiful, magical You beyond size, age and shape and to inspire you to embrace your Greatness.


Each Session comes with Powerful Touching and Moving Slideshow on a Elegant Crystal USB Keychain! It’s for you and for him as a reminder of the magnificent magical essence that we carry beyond all mundane definitions of Love or Beauty!


Be brave. Be wild.

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