Sometimes it the midst of the most violent crumbles and collapses, bruises and absurdity of life youlet go and let You happen“*.

You – exposed to one of the most illogical, ecstatic & intense states of being!

You – amplified, stretched out and spread out far & beyond. Intoxicated & infused with a composite of bliss, passion, love and ecstasy!

This is the moment when you realize that:

“what gets cracked is not us — at least not our true, eternal, unbreakable essence — but only our temporary shell of a self, our false sense of safety, the familiar comfort we confuse with the ultimate idea, person, situation or opportunity…” Andrea Balt

Being infiltrated with innate understanding that the intensity of every experience it’s not about the pain and once you become a mere spectator you realize that it’s not even about the experience. It’s about choosing your happy, keeping your light and smiling at the magic of the moment.

“It’s about this strange & crooked, wholesome & unraveling way in which all of your shattered pieces & failed tries, your burns & scars & midnight cries are alchemized into more life. This messy, unexpected, broken-open kind of way, in which your heart can be recycled into art & your true story can rewrite itself, time & again… if you just let it go & let you happen.” Andrea Balt





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