When separation & transcendence collide…
…when our senses seize to recall what was….

…..Eternity takes place beyond the mind or the heart…
…….and physical presence becomes irrelevant….

…..because we are one.



“Dedicated to my sweet golden boy Alexander¬† 2007 – 2016”

“My dear Evelina,
I wanted to thank you for giving me the gift of my Nacho’s last days. The video celebrating his last moments has kept my spirit up when sadness has set in, knowing I won’t have him with me on this side of heaven anymore. But, every time I play his memorial video I travel to that day, and I not only see him on the screen but, as a time machine would, I travel to that day and feel his kisses and smell his fur that was unique to him. I am forever grateful for this gift that captured the last days of my sweet boy Nacho’s love and life. You are an angle lady.¬†
Much gratitude!!!” Azita


I know what our Pets mean to us, how much love and joy they bring to our lives.
I also know how much it hurts when that day comes for them to leave us and the value of having beautiful shared memories.
I capture that magic and infinite love, that tiny silver line that connects and it’s only visible to the owner and the pet.


Pet Sessions – $475

In studio or on location(home, park) 1 hour photo session
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20 Beautiful High Res Portraits

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