Resist an emotion and you are suppressing your breath,

Resist a circumstance and you are suffocating your life,

Resist an awareness and you are cloaking your light,

Resist a person and you are compressing your heart!

Life is to be deeply and fully experienced as an energetic explosion of passion, excitement, a fragrance, a taste, an intensity of flavor.

What if every experience is contributing to your Ecstatic Infinite Expression?

What if ALL that there is, is simply the Echo and the Rhythm of the creation called  YOU!


“The illusion of control is a setup for depression. When we believe that we can and should be able to control our world and it turns out that we cannot (which is always the case), we experience failure, and this is depressing. We then try even harder to gain control and fail even more miserably.”
Anne Schaef “When Society Becomes an Addict”


photo: self portrait 2012


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