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BlackandWhite-Evelina-Pentcheva-Photography  BlackandWhite-Evelina-Pentcheva-Photography-2 _DSC8988bw Vintage Boudoir Photography Vintage Boudoir Photography Creative-Photography-Orange-County-Photographer-Los-ANgeles (5) Art Photography Fire Woman ~ Welcome to my … Beauty Atelier! I am an artist with passion you can trust. I am mesmerized photographing children and I would love to photograph every woman and man who ever looked in the mirror and did not feel good enough about herself/himself! What has a heart and meaning for me is to change the way you see yourself, to help you celebrate your own beauty and your own special light. Ladies, I have mountains of props – elegant hats, fascinators, gloves, fabrics, lace, flowers and all kinds of little treasures to help us with the photo session. —————————————————————————- Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What is caught with the camera is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything… it’s a window to your past, to who you were, to how it was…it’s the immortal and —————————————————————————–

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Artistcic Photographer Orange County Los Angeles
I turn the page of the day,
writing what I’m told
by the motion of your eyelashes.

I enter you,
the truthfulness of the dark.
I want proofs of darkness, want
to drink the black wine:
take my eyes and crush them.

A drop of night
on your breast’s tip:
mysteries of the carnation.

Closing my eyes
I open them inside your eyes.

Always awake
on its garnet bed:
your wet tongue.

There are fountains
in the garden of your veins.

With a mask of blood
I cross your thoughts blankly:
amnesia guides me
to the other side of life.

– Octavio Paz