You are heaven and heaven is you!

Those moments when you are stressed, burned out, stuck, pressured and unsatisfied still show up? I had those 10 months ago. Only to discover that there is the other side.

Sure there are still little glitches here and there as life serves it’s bitter sweet delights, but those are stuffed with new wildly exciting enlightening perceptions and refinement.

Most important tweaks for me were:

Dismiss from your mind THE CONTROL

Stop trying to control the circumstances instead of asking what can you change in your own way of thinking and behavior.

Stop trying to control others. Having expectations. Judgments and assumptions.

“Relax, let go. But remember only one thing: You are a witness”. Osho

Stay focused on keeping your ALIGNMENT

Aligned with your “feel good” state, with your spontaneity and enthusiasm and joyousness is not selfish. It’s in fact the ingredient to reach the state of Ecstatic Triumph.

It’s the only state in which you are able to really contribute to yourself and the world.


Your Choices create your REALITY.

Every single emotion is a bubble. Without exception. Love, Hatred, Desire, Jealousy, Excitement, Anger, Rage you name it!

Every time you make a choice from inside an emotional bubble you are originating your future from a space of blindness and darkness.

Stay Soft, Stay WILDLY AWARE and MADLY EXCITED about Your Life and know That this is YOUR HEAVEN AND HEAVEN IS YOU!



cover: self portrait

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