Lurking in the darkness, deep in your veins, dormant, potent and irresistible, there is already a True Goddess.

An intuitive Powerful Creature.

A Creator of Worlds. An Enchantress.

An Awakened Goddess

  • holds her space in Wisdom
  • she never feels Superior or Inferior to any other Goddess. She never compares herself.
  • she enjoys her Emotions yet keeping them her Slaves / they have no control over her and her life
  • she is grateful to all people that create a challenge as she knows they are divine messengers of more awareness and expansion of her World.
  • she does not let external factors define her state of happiness.
  • she has no expectations.
  • she welcomes and lets go of all judgments with grace and detachment.
  • she is graciously connected with her sensual, sexual ecstatic wild nature.

SHE KNOWS that Her World is a Mere Reflection of her ability to Transcend Clarity… beyond the visible and the illusory cognitive way of Perception.



cover: Self Portrait

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