My intention is to take the best portrait you have ever seen of yourself!

When You LOVE who You are, You become Confident, Sexy, Radiant and Attractive and that leads to Personal and Professional Empowerment!


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~ My Art is Your Heart ~

“If you want to have a Career Changing Image, I strongly suggest choosing Evelina Pentcheva” Lyn Stanley

International Recording Artist

“A few hours in a session with her did for me what hundreds of hours of positive affirmations, thousands of reassurances, and all the good thoughts I could muster never did …” Laura


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Besides a Photographer, Evelina is also a facilitator of Healing and Transformation.

She practices many transformational modalities and teachings that allowed her and allow many others to achieve a anxiety and stress free, exciting, new way of living and experiencing Life, Love and Relationships.

For Private healing Sessions and Guided meditations